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  • Dernière session de recrutement

    Intégrez le Mastère Spécialisé® du Cnam-Enjmin en partenariat avec GOBELINS !
    4 septembre 202017 septembre 2020

    Recrutement master pour la rentrée 2020
    6 juillet 2020
  • Portes ouvertes du Cnam-Enjmin

    REPORTÉ - Découvrez et testez les jeux étudiants
    20 juin 2020
    L'école nationale du jeu et des medias interactifs numériques vous ouvre ses portes !

    Recrutement master pour la rentrée 2020
    12 juin 20206 juillet 2020
  • Festival pluridisciplinaire pour ados

    REPORTÉ EN 2021 - Des livres & moi #3
    5 mai 20207 mai 2020
  • Liste des admi·se·s aux écrits

    Recrutement master pour la rentrée 2020
    30 avril 202012 juin 2020
  • 2de session de recrutement

    Devenez développeur·euse jeux vidéo dans un studio !
    30 avril 20202 juin 2020
  • Game Developers Conference 2020

    People of the Moon sélectionné pour le Alt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase de la GDC !
    16 mars 202020 mars 2020
  • Message d'Olivier Faron


    Message aux personnels d'Olivier Faron
    15 mars 2020
  • M1 master 2019-2020

    Suivez la création de 13 jeux en confinement !
    15 mars 202018 juin 2020
    Nos étudiant·e·s de 1re année de master expérimentent la création de jeux en confinement…Réparti·e· en 13 équipes, ils ont 4 mois pour créer un jeu vidéo interactif (de mars à juin) !
  • Rentrée 2020

    Devenez ingénieur·e informatique en systèmes interactifs!
    14 mars 202013 juin 2020
    Apprendre à concevoir et piloter le développement de systèmes multi et transmedia intégrant à la fois des technologies audiovisuelles numériques et des aspects complexes d'architecture système et réseaux informatiques (simulation et interaction numérique)
  • Vous avez jusqu’au 31 mars pour faire votre choix !

    Game Cup
    1 mars 202031 mars 2020
  • Master promo 2017-2019

    Remise de diplômes
    21 février 2020
  • Accès libre dans la limite des places disponibles

    Soutenances finales M2 master
    18 février 2020
  • Jeux vidéo et multimédia

    Portes ouvertes des écoles du Campus de l’image
    15 février 2020
  • Académicien·ne·s, votez jusqu'au 14 février

    4 jeux toujours en lice pour les Pégases 2020 !
    10 février 202014 février 2020
  • Parc des Expositions de GrandAngoulême

    Retrouvez-nous au FOFE !
    7 février 20208 février 2020
    Retrouvez-nous sur le stand du Cnam-Enjmin, dans l'espace dédié aux écoles du Campus de l'image Magelis.
  • La plus grande game jam internationale !

    Global Game Jam
    31 janvier 20202 février 2020
  • 47e édition du festival d'Angoulême

    Le Cnam-Enjmin accueille le FIBD !
    30 janvier 20202 février 2020
  • 1er tour des Pégases 2020

    7 jeux liés au Cnam-Enjmin sont en compétition !
    29 janvier 20207 février 2020
  • À suivre en direct sur YouTube

    Soutenances M2 master
    17 janvier 2020
  • L'Enjmin au Salon L'Étudiant de Bordeaux
    10 janvier 202012 janvier 2020
    Retrouvez le Cnam-Enjmin, les étudiant.e.s du master Jeux et medias intercatifs et toutes les écoles du Campus de l'image sur le stand du Grand Angoulême.
  • Dead Cell’s Sound Design

    Yoann Laulan - Music Producer & Sound Designer
    19 décembre 2019
  • Conference name TBD

    Sébastien Bénard - Game Developer at Motion Twin
    19 décembre 2019
  • The world of Life Beyond, harnessing the power of procedural generation

    Gaspard Delforge - Junior Technical Artist at Darewise Entertainment
    19 décembre 2019
    In this talk, I will go over how we used the power of procedural generation for the creation of the world of Life Beyond. I will also give some insights about the pros and cons of using that kind of workflow and hopefully help you determine whether or not it might be relevant for your project.
  • Games & UX: An impossible mix?

    Audrey Laurent-André - Associate UX Director at Ubisoft Montréal
    19 décembre 2019
    Most games are about throwing obstacles at players so they can have fun overcoming them. On the other side, UX is often described as removing obstacles to ensure users have a frictionless interaction with a product. But if you’re removing all frictions from your game, wouldn’t you remove what makes it a game in the first place?There lies the biggest misconception about UX: it’s not about removing frictions, but unnecessary frictions.
  • Workshop - Kakegoe and Kotodama in Game Audio

    Vincent Diamante - Audio Director at thatgamecompany
    18 décembre 2019
    This workshop describes the concepts that Vincent found while working in genres and mechanics inspired by Japanese game design (fighting, CRPG) and how sound design and implementation can find a model in these ideas.
  • Art teams in big studios

    Yan Shu - Senior VFX Artist at Gearbox Studio
    18 décembre 2019
    Yan will share his experience about how to work in different aspects and with members in art teams and in various projects from mobile titles to AAA titles.
  • Sound Design for an Audience of One

    Vincent Diamante - Audio Director at thatgamecompany
    18 décembre 2019
    This conference will describe Vincent's tools and processes while working on music and sound design in order to enable, guide, and inspire game designers, especially during pre-production.
  • How personality can help anticipate player preferences

    Emmanuelle Marévéry - UX/CX & Audience Specialist at Asmodee
    18 décembre 2019
    Personality can impact player decisions. How can we measure it and use it to choose features and take design and art decisions ? We will see how a psychometric approach and data can help predict and anticipate player reactions.
  • Where? When? How? The narrative designer's role in team

    Anthony Jauneaud - Freelance Writer, Narrative Designer & Localization Coordinator
    17 décembre 2019
    When do you hire a narrative designer? How do you work with them and how are they going to work with you? More importantly; WHAT the heck is a narrative designer?
  • Gnog : Post-mortem and indie tips

    Samuel Boucher - Creator and Artist on at KO_OP
    17 décembre 2019
    Being part of a videogame co-op with a few friends and lots of creative freedom can be appealing and rewarding. But it also involves a lot of ups and downs and making an absurd amount of important decisions. In this talk i'll be covering the enriching and also difficult experience of shipping GNOG on almost all platforms and how, somehow, we survived the journey.
  • Think Like a VFX Artist

    Sarah Carmody - Senior FX artist at Blizzard Entertainment
    17 décembre 2019
    Go behind the scenes on the creative process for VFX on World of Warcraft and what it's like to be a professional VFX artist. We'll talk about how we developed our painterly style, how we maintain quality, and how we think up brand new magic. We'll also go in depth on what makes a good effect, how to improve your craft, and tips for excelling in a creative industry.
  • Modern User Interface Challenges

    Christian Nasr - UI Programmer at Ivory Tower, a Ubisoft Studio
    17 décembre 2019
    Presenting some User Interface Challenges prevailing on modern platforms with UI design and programming techniques.
  • The Failure Paradigme - How to properly fail your project

    Pierre Boulaton - Producer
    17 décembre 2019
    By taking the opposite side of conventional project management, the conference will focus on the question of the best way to fail your project in order to maximize its chances of success and minimize its investments in case of failure.
  • Q&A

    Celia Hodent - Game UX Consultant
    16 décembre 2019
    During this Q&A Skype call, students will have the opportunity to ask questions to Celia Hodent about her work, game UX, and the videogame industry as a whole.
  • Facial animation and real-time production

    CAULKIN Steven Dr
    20 décembre 2018
    This lecture will discuss the technology and production pipelines used to create performance-driven facial animation and the potential for real-time techniques to transform the way digital characters are animated. Cubic Motion's technology is used to produce animation for a number of AAA games, such as Spider-Man, God of War and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. This allows artists to use Computer Vision and Machine Learning to create high quality facial animation from performance data. Recent devel
  • Streaming in style

    EVERS Katleen CEO
    20 décembre 2018
    Power to the Developers!New tools are today available to make the spectators interactive during the Streaming Session in real time. Bringing awareness of the importance of Streaming and doing it in style, why now, how, and on what levels?par EVERS Katleen
  • A life of a Bokeh

    ABADIE Guillaume Graphic Programmer
    20 décembre 2018
    Lens of a physical camera have a depth of field phenomena that has an importance in cinematography to bring focus on desired subject of a frame. The challenge of real-time depth of field is to output the highest bokeh quality while remaining fast. par ABADIE Guillaume
  • Out of school and diving into production

    RIZZO François et GIAFFERI Bastien Game designer at Digixart
    20 décembre 2018
    Memories Retold is the first game we worked on right after school. We’ll share a few technical tips on to how to work as a (mostly) junior team for one year and half with a famous English animation studio for a Japanese publisher to ship a game on 3 platforms, just in time for the world war one commemoration.par RIZZO François
  • The level design of ‘God of War’

    DAVIS Rob Lead Level Designer
    19 décembre 2018
    God of War is a massive project with a huge development schedule and many complex pieces. However, behind all of this is a core set of design rules that can be applied to designs of all shapes and sizes.Step through the level design of Thalmur’s Frozen Corpse and explore the core design techniques that are used in God of War’s pacing, layouts and puzzles.par DAVIS Rob
  • Accidentally Becoming an Art Director

    Tim KAMINSKY, directeur artistique chez Wonderstorm
    19 décembre 2018
    General information about the workshopTitle of workshop: Using Iteration with 2D and 3D art for Concept ArtAbstract of the workshop: Learn to build concepts using a combination of 2d and 3d to boost the effectiveness and benefit the team in the end. Starting with a base 2d sketch we will jump back and forth from 2d to 3d to help push the concept further. par Tim KAMINSKI
  • Designing, Writing and Playtesting Social Impact Games

    MALER Elizabeth CEO
    19 décembre 2018
    In this talk, Elizabeth presents her innovative ways of designing, writing and playtesting social impact games, and gives advice on how to ensure their impact. She also discusses our responsibility as artists to think about the messages we propagate with our games and how to ensure the best possible representation of the people we want to talk about.par MALER Elizabeth
  • Stand Out in the Indie Crowd: Designing Furi

    LEPRINCE Audrey President and executive producer
    19 décembre 2018
    : I will share our experience designing Furi, our boss fight game: designing with an edge, the “III vs AAA” design philosophy, the strategy of making a niche game, the sometimes difficult design choices, and how lucky we were when the stars all aligned.par LEPRINCE Audrey
  • The making of AAA games cinematics

    David HUBERT Directeur animation et cinematiques studio
    19 décembre 2018
    Story-driven games rely quite heavily on cinematics to help support the narrative, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider is no exception to this rule. In this talk, David Hubert, Animation and Cinematics Director at Eidos-Montréal, will give you insight into the steps his team has taken to create cutting-edge, immersive and emotional cinematics.par David HUBERT
  • Raising a Metropolis

    ANTONOV Viktor Visual Director
    19 décembre 2018
    Viktor Antonov will give a presentation about the process of creating compelling fictional worlds for videogames and film. The talk will trace the history of real and fictional urbanism. It will cover design and architectural principles used during a projects’ preproduction. VA will use describe the creative process behind some of his best known projects to illustrate the vision and methods of world-building.par ANTONOV Viktor
  • Creating a post-brexit dystopia in Not Tonight.

    Tim CONSTANT Founder / Creative Director
    18 décembre 2018
    In the game Not Tonight we created a post-brexit 2D dystopian vision of Britain. This lecture looks at the development of Not Tonight from the background and influences of the team to post-launch hindsight; What worked worked well? can games with a political message sell? and what resonated emotionally with the players?par Tim CONSTANT
  • We Don’t Understand The Computer as a Medium of Expression

    CRAWFORD Chris
    18 décembre 2018
    While we have achieved grand things using the computer as a tool for creating expressions in traditional fields such as graphics, animation, cinema, music, and literature, we have spectacularly failed to utilize the computer itself as a medium of expression. The solution to this problem is to stop perceiving reality as a collection of objects and start perceiving it as a system of processes.par CRAWFORD Chris
  • The Power of real-time collaborative filmmaking And Workshop : Create a short movie with others in real-time and watch it live on your phone !

    Jean-Colas PRUNIER Founder and Product Architect of PocketStudio
    18 décembre 2018
    General information about the lectureTitle of lecture: The power of real-time collaborative filmmakingAbstract of the lecture: PocketStudio is designed to allow filmmakers to easily create, play, and stream 3D animation sequences in real time using real-time collaborative editing, a unified workflow, and other real-time technologies, such as augmented reality. In this leture, we will give a live demo of PocketStudio and speak about the benefits of this technology.
  • Embodiment in VR for entertainment

    CLAVIER Maud Business Developper
    18 décembre 2018
    What is embodiment? What are the different techniques to embody a fictionnal character? After those general reflections, we willpresent the project Sing Inside by Clap & Zap Production, a VR game in wich we can embody our idol on stage.par CLAVIER Maud
  • Persistent Open-World Production Challenges

    BOWMAN David Vice President of Product Darewise Entertainment
    18 décembre 2018
    Learn about the challenges of helping build a start-up company, working with new technologies, grand ambitions, new multinational employees, all in Paris. This is intended for a student audience, to understand what you may face when starting your own company, or joining a start-up.par BOWMAN David
  • VAF 2018
    24 septembre 201825 septembre 2018
    Stéphane NATKIN, directeur du Cnam-Enjmin, sera l'invité d'honneur du Viborg Animations Festival qui se déroulera du 24 au 30 septembre au Danemark...